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14 July 2010 @ 07:53 pm
Intro post =)  
I thought i'd join in with all the posting and introduce myself as well!

Hi everyone!
I'm Jenni and i'm 23 and from Swindon =) I've lived here all my life apart from when I was at uni and I resided in the ever so glamourous filton, near the red light district (thanks to UWE's amazing skillz) and then later I lived in Fishponds =P I'm actually moving to Liverpool in September if all goes to plan but i'll be popping back to visit my parents and will still be at some SW meets!

I studied for a history degree, which I got a few years ago, and started a masters but couldnt afford to keep going with it after the first term. I'm currently a TA in St Josephs Catholic College in Swindon, which is great work experience as i'm hoping to apply to become a teacher this year, and would hopefully start that next September.

My main passions in life are horse riding, shakespeare (and watching it at the theatre!) my boyfriend <3, gaming, lolita, tattoos, and medieval history. I hope that doesnt make me sound boring!! I hope one day to combine some of these things by learning horseback archery and jousting! Horse riding is something i've done since about the age of 7 and its a major love of mine. I'm trying to design a Hamlet print atm, for a skirt or jsk but &*$%£^ AATP stole (yeah totally lol) my windows idea and made a very pretty but not very shakespeare print =P But i'm still going with windows and doors, and they're going to be based on Notre Dame and Saint-Chappelle <3 (I'm not religious incase you're wondering, just a lover of gothic architecture) Its going to feature Hamlet doing his 'Alas poor Yorick' bit, Ophelia in the water (although i'm', planning something artistic and not totally true to Shakepeare for her window) and Hamlet deeeeeaaaaaaaaaaad because the 'good night sweet prince' line is one of my favourites. Its a work in progress.

I've so far seen a production of Othello, Romeo and Juliet, Midsummer nights dream (with an all male cast, really funny acting) and Hamlet (with David Tennant and Jean Luc Picard/ Bullock/ Patrick Stewart XD) and i've just managed to get Tempest tickets!! Very excited.

I also cosplay, although i'm not planning on going to conventions anymore particularly, we may have met already! I've been to expos, AME and Toko, and Kitacon =)

This years costumes were both Yu-gi-Oh cards, although I have worn DMG previously =D

I guess I should write something about loli here, but my lolita history is long and patchy. I've been super sweet, all about Metas sailor items, and more recently i've finally settled into classic/ gothic with a smidge of sweet. I've been into lolita since school, and dressed in it for around 7 years on and off. Its a fashion i've always loved but not always felt comfortable in.

Heres a piccy or two:

Token loli picture lol <3

Me and my bf Brian -

I'm sorry if that was long ;-;
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with_a_zackywith_a_zacky on July 15th, 2010 12:43 pm (UTC)
Ooh the Hamlet print sounds good =3

And wow Injection Fairy Lily! That is one HUGE syringe...
ex_oneremem on July 15th, 2010 05:20 pm (UTC)
Lol i'm 5ft6 and I think my syringe is pretty much the same height! XD
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